While waiting for my next audio upgrade to arrive I spent a day making some small changes to my current audio system, with the main task being to finally install the DRC-200 control knob of my JL Audio TWK-88 Digital Signal Processor in a permanent location. Ever since I first installed the TWK-88 I’ve had the control knob (which I have set to adjust subwoofer volume and rear fill volume) stuck to the bottom of the center dash area with some double-sided tape, with the status LED just wedged in between two of the center console panels:

The “temporary” location that ended up being years.

This location actually worked fine for the last year or so. It was a little bit of a reach to get to the knob, but when I installed the CT Sounds UBK + Voltmeter I ended up using the UBK knob almost exclusively to adjust bass on the fly. I had planned to permanently install the JL control knob eventually, but for some reason I never got around to it – until now. First thing’s first – I removed the CT Sounds UBK from the side of the center console:

Kay byyyeeeee.

The CT Sounds UBK would be redundant since I was relocating the JL control knob to somewhere more accessible in the center console area. Also, time wasn’t kind to it, as the face plate was warped and bent (due to last summer’s super high temperatures). Next, I removed the forward-center console cover/bin/shifter surround panel and simply drilled two holes in the small recessed area; in these two holes I mounted the JL control knob body and status LED:

Already installed before I remembered to take pics.
Upper view before installing the actual knobs.
Knobs installed.

I chose this spot because it was easily within reach of my right hand in a natural location. Also, the knob itself sits just below the top level of the center console, so it’s protected from accidental bumps and stuff. Also note the LED position – I installed the status LED as low as I could on the back wall of the recess, with the LED aimed forward in the cabin. I also purposely did this for two specific reasons:

1. The status LED is super bright! However it is a multi-color status LED (it tells me which DSP preset I have activated) so I couldn’t hide it somewhere where I couldn’t see the color of the LED light at all. Mounting it low in this recess meant that even during the day, the LED would shine bright enough for me to see the LED color just at a glance.

2. I purposely aimed the LED forward at the knob so that at night, the LED would illuminate the center console recess, with some LED light showing where the actual control knob was for a subtle visual effect; I think it worked out perfectly:

Nice glow, not glaringly bright at all.
LED color changes with the DSP setting.