This time around, I wanted to reconfigure my audio setup so that my Kenwood DNX-892 head unit would just be a dedicated source; all of the level matching, time alignment, and signal processing would be handled by the JL Audio TWK-88, and each speaker would have it’s own dedicated amplifier channel (an “active” setup). Doing this would give me full control of each speaker individually – from frequency ranges, speaker phase, and output levels. For the best setup I also needed to get rid of the OEM rear speakers. That said, the next thing I did was order two new sets of speakers (I talked myself into trying something new up front as well!)

For the front components I went with Hertz Audio’s Hi-Energy HSK-165 6.5″ component system. Their 125-200-watt rating gave me ample room to use the power that my Alpine PDX-V9 can easily provide. Because I already had the Image Dynamics components installed up front, swapping over to the Hertz components was pretty simple since all I had to do was unsolder the ID’s and solder in the new Hertz drivers. The woofers dropped right in, and thanks to the installation parts included with the HSK system I didn’t have to fab up a new adaptor plate for the tweeters.

Sparkly fresh Hertz Audio speakers for all six factory locations.
I always enjoy unboxing new stuff.
Really impressive looking crossovers… which I will not be using since I’m running full active.
New Hertz HV-165 woofers next to the current Image Dynamics speaker.
Check out the die-cast aluminium basket and oversized magnet. Pretty heavy, too.
Up front, the HV-165 woofer installed into the front door mount.
HV-165 Soldered and bolted up to the front driver’s side door panel.
New HT-25 tweeter on the right, slightly smaller than the ID one.
Included tweeter mounting options made the swap much easier to do.

Front speaker swap = check. Now moving to the rear… in the next post.