Sort-of Normal: First Trail Run in 2021

Almost 5 years ago to the day (give or take about a week) it was time for my daily driver Frontier to see some proper dirt again. With the pandemic messing everything up for the past year (and ongoing), it was nice to take a day away to just enjoy some nature and a drive. That morning I loaded up the gear and met a few friends at the Summit Staging Area on 3N22 in Hesperia, CA. From there we aired-down (first time for me on the new Falken’s) and headed to 2N47, that familiar dirt trail known as Cleghorn Ridge. The weather was dry and slightly windy, and a nice day to head out for the first a trail run for 2021.

Unfortunately, one of the 4 vehicles in the group bailed out when we reached the first heavily-rutted area (it was a… stock 2WD Sequioa, so yeah…). Most of the trail was bumpy, and we did encounter more than a handful of technical sections that required some slow and easy spotted maneuvers – but for the most part everything went just fine. I was really happy with the performance of the Falken tires, they actually felt nice and comfy on the bumpy areas and washboard sections of the trail, and I never spun the wheels the entire route. It was a nice day and we got to the end of the trail just as the sun was setting. Here’s some pics:

At the staging area, about to air down for some dirt driving.

New shoes, aired down and ready to go.

Dodging some ruts.

Photo from my friend following… full flex on the left-rear.

Can’t dodge all of the ruts (!)

End of the trail, aired back up and ready to head home. It was a good day =)