With the front spoiler trimmed, I still needed more inner fender clearance up front where the fender liner trim was initially done.  This is because after installing my suspension lift, it put the tires in a different position in the wheel wells. I came up with a solution that did not require a heat gun or trimming of the inner front fender liner area.

That’s cutting it really close. I need to move the front of the liner forward.

First I removed the fender liners. Next, I took the small metal screw clips off and traced a new position closer to the fender liner edge.

Trace the clip shape closer to the fender edge.

I used simple side cutters to enlarge the original hole wide enough for the metal clips to slip in.

Holes opened up sideways only.

With the new slots, I reinstalled the metal clips in the new position.

Mounting point has moved towards the fender well area.

Here’s a photo of the before/after locations of the metal clips:

A better comparison photo.

…and the results after re-installing the fender liners:

No more scraping here.

I’m guesstimating that I gained around 1/2” to 3/4” more clearance along the bottom of the fender liner area. this without the need of a heat gun to reshape the fender liner itself. Now that I have the front lip spoiler trimmed and the front of the fender liner adjusted, the next (and last) thing I need to mod a little more is the OEM front mud flaps. I’ll do this a little later.