One morning I turned the key and immediately noticed a hesitation, and the starter motor sounded like it was not turning over as fast as usual. Immediately I knew that my battery was the culprit (a quick voltage check confirmed this) so without hesitation (and with an awesome warranty) I headed to my local Costco to exchange my battery under warranty – which normally would be free. However, when I got there I decided to try their AGM battery this time around, so I paid an extra $50 to upgrade and I had the new battery swapped in in less than 10 minutes – which included cleaning the positive terminal and swapping to new post washers:

Since I was already in “garage mode” I decided to tackle another job – I had a very very small rear diff leak that needed to be addressed. “Small” as in maybe 1 drop of diff fluid on my garage floor a day. I already had the fluids and tools for the repair, so I went to it and was so focused on getting the job done that I forgot to take pics; the only photo I have is from 2 weeks before when I purchased all of the items needed to remove the rear diff cover, reseal, and pump in fresh diff fluid:

That took a good 2 hours (I was taking my time and eating my lunch in between steps). Finally, there was still sunlight outside so I also gave the truck a scheduled oil change. Again, no other pics because I was just zoned out in garage mode, so here’s a pic of the stuff I used for the oil change:

Feels pretty good when you get a lot done in a day. My lunch (homemade ham and cheese sandwich) was pretty delicious too.