Okay, maybe the title is slightly over-exaggerating… but hear me out. When I drive, I always use the CarPlay feature of my Kenwood head unit because I have an Apple iPhone 12 Pro. I use Apple Music, Waze for daily driving status as well as for navigation, and HomeKit to integrate with my smart home setup (I can open my garage with my head unit! haha). That means when I drive I always plug my phone into a Lightning cable that connects it to the head unit, and maybe it’s just me – but every single time I get back into my truck, the end of that cable is always in a totally different place. Sometimes it’s laying right there on top of the shifter panel. Sometimes it’s hanging over the center console and it’s tucked under the passenger-side seat bottom. Sometimes it’s hiding under the driver’s seat bottom. Sometimes (and somehow?) it’s tucked in between my seat and the center console, with the end of the cable… resting just on top of the rear floormat (true story). So one day after realizing that I already had a solution in front of me (attached to the leg of my computer desk in my home office), I decided to apply the same solution to my truck. That solution: a Sinjimoru magnetic cable holder:

I came across the Sinjimoru magnetic cable holder last year when I was looking for a solution to keep my sync and headphone cables on my computer desk easy to access, with one-hand operation, that didn’t involve something that uses clips or something that relies on squeezing the cable in some-type of friction-hold. The Sinjimoru system is a simple magnetic design with small magnets on both sides (the cable portion and the base). The very small base has 3M double-sided tape so it can be mounted practically anywhere y0u want, snd the cable portion is equally small and unobtrusive:

Here’s the Sinjimoru parts next to a standard Nissan key, for size comparison:

The cable portion snaps securely around the cable near the connector:

I decided to attach the base in the center console area, near my custom mounted subwoofer control knob:

Is this really just a first-world problem? Absolutely. And sure, I’ve asked myself the question: “If I have to consciously return the cable head to the center console whenever I unplug, why can’t I just consciously place the cable there without the whole magnet thingy?” and my reply is – I really don’t know. But hey, at least it’s neat and gives the lightning cable its own place to be.