And now for the last part of the fender modding – back to the mudflaps. I had already trimmed the mudflaps once to clear the BF Goodrich KO2 tires before, but this was at stock height. Now that I lifted the truck, it repositioned the tire and it was rubbing again.

The tire and the mudflap are touching again.

First thing I did was use a Sharpie to mark where i needed to trim in order to clear the tire. I moved the steering wheel in 1/4-turn increments, checking the tire and mudflap each time, from center to full lock.

I made marks not where the tire touches, but about 3/8” farther out.

As always, the tried and true Dremel made quick work of trimming plastic. I used masking tape to guide the straight cut along the side of the flap, but for the most part the rest was carefully trimmed by hand, with a quick swipe of fine grit sandpaper afterward to smooth out the newly trimmed edges.

I marked the distance so I could replicate the cut line on the other flap.

For reference I trimmed about 3/8” on all the parts that needed trimming. Here’s the newly trimmed mudflap (top) vs. the not yet trimmed mudflap (bottom).

Can you see the small differences?

Once I finished both mudflaps, I reinstalled them and took a drive around the block – and there were no rubbing noises whatsoever.

Tire now has about 3/8” of clearance wherever it gets close to the mudflap.